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Connecting to monitoring system

Connecting your database to our monitoring system is a relatively simple process. The are some requirements to be met before the connection.

Requirements for connecting the database to monitoring system

  • Remote access to the database server
  • Handover database documentation in the desired range (if the documentation is not available we can analyse the system and make one. It usually takes 2-3 days)
  • The database must be able to send emails to one external address or there must be a web service application installed that allows downloading information to the monitoring system

Administrated database - handover steps

  • Obtaining information about the database and the required level of service, availability, ...
  • Creation of the offer
  • After accepting the offer the documentation is handed over and the contract is signed
  • Remote access is provided and tested onsite
  • Getting knowledge about the environment and creating the missing documentation if there is not any
  • Solving areas that prevent take-over of the responsibility or areas that arent't clear (privileges, inoperable or untested backup, ...)
  • Installation of the monitoring system and the connection to our central DMS server
  • Beginning of remote database management, taking of the responsibility

How many DBA's is needed to manage 10 databases? Answer is 2 but to manage one database you need also 2 DBA's.

It is surprising how many companies entrusts their key database to people who are learing the administration on the database.

Our DBA's have supported over 1500 databases!

DBA is responsible for many areas but many companies need only few but they anyway have to employ full time DBA.

Don't know what's going on in your database? We will find it out.

Nobody can fully imagine how valuable data is in the database, until they are lost.