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Database administration
Areas of database administration

We have practical and many years experience with the administration of Oracle databases. We have administrated Oracle since version 7.3 and our database admins have alread been administrating over 1500 databases! We are able to provide any service for what is the database administrator resposible.

Areas of database administration

  • Supervision of database availability
  • Free space for data monitoring
  • Monitoring and analysing database logs
  • Managing user accounts and application user accounts
  • Checking the server and database performance
  • Database backup and restore checks
  • Analysis poorly optimized SQL queries
  • Design DB objects and their storage in the database
  • Applying recommended patches
  • Supervision over the database security settings
  • Cooperation with the vendors or the application managers
  • Long-term monitoring of resources and capacity planning

The complete database administration is done by remote administration .

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How many DBA's is needed to manage 10 databases? Answer is 2 but to manage one database you need also 2 DBA's.

It is surprising how many companies entrusts their key database to people who are learing the administration on the database.

Our DBA's have supported over 1500 databases!

DBA is responsible for many areas but many companies need only few but they anyway have to employ full time DBA.

Don't know what's going on in your database? We will find it out.

Nobody can fully imagine how valuable data is in the database, until they are lost.