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Variety of packages

The monthly price is always determined individually. This price is based upon the overall database environment, application used, the number of users and workload. Also it depends on the number of databases that we manage - we can offer very attractive discounts for multiple databases.

What can we offer within the monthly price. suitable for less critical production environment with a small load suitable for important production environment with a standard load and availability suitable for mission-critical production environments with heavy loads and to provide the maximum availability
Incidents resolution modes 8 x 5 24 x 7 24 x 7
Guaranteed response to the incident (the real response is often faster) 4 hrs 2 hrs 1 hr
Professional and highly experienced team of administrators
Connection and access to the DIMON monitoring system
Proactive monitoring
Applying recommended database patches  
Performance troubleshooting  
Proactive regular performance analysis + solution and optimization recommendations    
Copy the database to non-productive environment according to customer needs    
Consulting and support services related to application development      
Support and cooperation with migration, upgrade, etc…      
Regular testing of backup (disaster recovery test)      
Free hours in a month for any dba or developer activity      
The administrator can be contacted directly by the user (1st level support)      
Solving incidents caused by the customer or third-party applications      
Comment Possibility to build your own SLA according to specific requirements.
There are significant discounts for high number of databases.
All activities can of course also be carried out after ordering a fixed hourly rate

How many DBA's is needed to manage 10 databases? Answer is 2 but to manage one database you need also 2 DBA's.

It is surprising how many companies entrusts their key database to people who are learing the administration on the database.

Our DBA's have supported over 1500 databases!

DBA is responsible for many areas but many companies need only few but they anyway have to employ full time DBA.

Don't know what's going on in your database? We will find it out.

Nobody can fully imagine how valuable data is in the database, until they are lost.

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